A Global Airline Is Building Propensity Models to Better Serve Travelers

A global airline wanted to run advertising campaigns to promote specific flight routes, as well as build audiences to target travelers who were most likely to purchase tickets to each route. They decided to use Syntasa to build propensity models and predict potential flight routes for each individual traveler. 

In this case study, discover how Syntasa's platform is enabling their data scientists to automatically ingest behavioral data and build propensity models. 


Case Study: Global Airline Carrier

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As the leader in AI Assisted Customer Analytics, Syntasa is helping enterprises generate real-time, actionable customer insight to enhance the customer experience and drive conversions. Syntasa's software can be installed on-premise, allowing the enterprise to integrate individual-level clickstream data with sensitive enterprise data. By leveraging open-source technologies, Syntasa seamlessly fits in the new enterprise big data analytics ecosystem and provides easy-to-use behavioral analytics applications which significantly reduce time-to-value. The company is headquartered in the Washington, DC metropolitan area with an office in London.